TheHype Gets Quizzed!

ooh, it's round!

Phew, at least this time, I didn’t need to study for it.

Jason Gurney, he of the tribe Lowpost Dot Net, did a Q&A with yours truly as part of his Borg-like insatiable thirst for hoops bloggers. Big thanks for the love JG!

Previous featured blog Q&As include True Hoop’s Henry Abbott, SunsGossip’s Miss Gossip, The Basketball Jones’ JE Skeets and Detroit Bad Boys’ Matt Watson (eeep! I guess I’m like the 5th Beetle…. ‘s next door neighbor’s younger brother’s friend’s plumber’s dog walker…)

If you accidentally stumbled on this site and don’t know what is: It’s like one giant RSS feed for all the best NBA blogs and it’s grouped in discussions of various fun times. In cartoon analogy, is to Cybertron as blogsmiths are to–yes–Transformers.

(That’s already 2 geeky references for those keeping score at home.. there’s plenty more in the Q&A..) is great for anyone looking for fresh reads. Even though Jason uses dark sorcery to concoct that site, TheHype gives it The Unrelatedness Thumbs Up for THE Most Essential NBA Blogger Resource Site of the Year!


  1. Sweet interview, bra. Thanks for the shoutout.

  2. We’re thinking the interview only begins to scratch the surface of your lunacy.

  3. That Q&A was all you–nice job.

    I like the Cybertron analogy (and actually used to have a pet bird named Laserbeak).

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