Mac’s Anatomy

As in, Tracy McGrady’s un-freakin-believable back is at it again.

Look, Tracy, um, TMac, wait wait…TeeDawg, you and me dude, we’re friends right? Remember when you started blowing up in Orlando, throwing off the glass alleys to yourself? Good times right? I was there with you the whole time man, vouching for your legitimacy, having serious fights (psychologically and physically) with friends debating who’s better: AI or you (which looking at it now… you both seem like jerks).

When others feel you’re made of glass for all of last year, I still had that glimmer of hope, “nah, T-Cuz is gonna be sick, I can feel it” So much so that I took you on my Fantasy team. Now you’re out again, for the year?! How DARE you. You know what man? It’s over with us. Yeah, I’m breaking up with you. It’s not ME, it’s YOU. Don’t bother coming back, I’m changing the locks.

Yes, yes, I know you’re a human being and you have an actual ailment. But when it comes to messing my first try at playing fantasy? All bets are off buddy!

hugs & kisses

(Sorry if this wasn’t either a post about Iverson or the basketball change. It’s not that I’m snobby like that, but really just because I can’t contribute to those items rationally. I mean, you really want me to say Iverson should swap with Luke Ridnour?)

Here’s some ARM PORN for y’all:

arm porn!!


  1. SG

    I feel for you. Even after all the stuff I went through with him in my lineup last year I felt like it was safe to pick him up again this year.

  2. Why does he hurt us so?? snif… We should have a TMac Breaking Down Your Fantasy Team Support Group

  3. Hype, you’re still beating at least one renowned fantasy “expert” even with TMac in your lineup. Another player not to count on for fantasy basketball: Jason Richardson.

  4. That is a clusterfuck of limbs.

  5. Don’t forget Stephon Marbury for guys you can’t count on.

    Wait, did I just admit I drafted Stephon Marbury in the 5th round in one league.


  6. Ben

    Great post and very funny, but you scared the hell out of me saying he’s out for the year. I quickly went to Google News to make sure – seems like he’s out “indefinitely” which just means that nobody knows when he’ll be better.

    But wow, I almost had a heart attack finding out he was out for the year.

  7. hah, my bad Ben, but he might as well be out for the year… in my heart

  8. i hate tmac. he is really annoying! mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

  9. jk, im just not in love with him.

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