Coo-coo For Curry Puffs

Lang wants the world to tremble before the mighty Eddy Curry and vote him to be an All-Star this year. Check out his summoning of the ‘net forces a la Voltron:

Bloogers and online people, please feel free to steal this logo and use it on your sites. Anything for the good of Eddy.

For once, all us interneters should unite and get on board the same train…the E-Train!

Hah, ‘blooger’, that sounds way better than blogger. Just playin’ Mr. Whitaker! Though I’m not too sure about condoning the use of ecstasy…

Fine fine, I’ll vote for him, they better have a warning page like this one for the uneducated though:


  1. Fixed the typo on the original, and thanks for the support!!

  2. rem

    if he enters the hot dog eating contest against Kobayashi and wins then he deserves the all-star status

  3. Eddy’s always been more of a pie man, but he dabbles in hot dogs.

  4. I’d like to see you do a doodle of an “online person.”

    You could create some sort of robot. It could be “Ollie the online person.”

    I know I just gave you a brilliant idea. Now run with it!

  5. Speaking of Nate, did you see the brawl tonight?

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