Thursday (Very Late) Thumbtacks

thumbtacks.jpgForgiveness please! I had the disease of no-internet-itis for the biggie part of the day. Anyway, a few cool reads:

Hoops Perspectives rounded up some (by that, I mean, A LOT) of AI’s moments thus far. That is, if you’re not watching the TNT games right now.. you can spend a few minutes reminiscin’ (until we FINALLY know where he’s landed)

J-Mac takes a look at which player is going to stay on one team forever. I’d think about adding Dwight Howard on that list too, since we’re beginning to see the Magic build something special collectively (recent injuries notwitstanding…)

Basketbawful saw shades of evil Me-me-me-Kobe arise once again. I concur, down the stretch of that game against Dallas, Kobe thought no one else was worthy of helping with a comeback so he took control. It’s hard to blame him, but those are the bad habits people thought he’s done with this year.

And now, silly pictures!

And you decide what Andrei is thinking…

Random, nothing to do hoops, but a friend gave me a copy of the first ep of Friday Night Lights, and I’m slowly falling in love with Ms. Minka Kelly (oh, it’s a good show to boot!):

show me whatchu got purrty lady!


  1. Andrei: “I vonder if my vife will let me make this position with another lady friend!?”

  2. Andrei: “right now I have munchy for curry puff.”

  3. Andrei: “Who the f%$k is Doug West?”

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