The Brawl (with a little love tap where the sun dun’ shine)? pfft. Iverson trade talk? lame. PHX can get 20 Ws stringed up? *yawn* (no, actually, that’s pretty freaking awesome! Sir Chuck, eat your heart out!)

Of course, the huge news is Mr. Black President droppin’ 60 points in an unconscious effort to beat the Lake Show on the road. That Kobe went for a puny 45, what a wuss. As much as I try my best to shy away from being Arenas post-happy, this event cannot be denied. And he did it with those crazy gold unis!
In other news, fellow blogger (high five!) Nick over at Defence Wins Championships asked if I can be their guest Predictor of the Week. It was a very difficult decision, but after talking to my advisors, we agreed this could be, and I quote: “fun”. So I told Nick yes! All I really had to do is guess how many wins/losses a team is going to get in a week—it’s easier than Jeopardy (and we all know 3 month olds can kick Alex Trebek’s ass)

Anyway, my pick was the NOOCH, and I have them going 1-3 this week. Head on over to Defence Wins Championships to see my expertized reasoning as well as Nick’s picks.

Per usual on Mondays, the RadioCast:

We “mentioned” the brawl; Raptors’ Jose Calderon; some vague Iverson talk; and me just going crazy about Agent Six-Zero

But the show is going on vacation until Jan. 8th so you’ll just have to pretend I’m on a show every Monday from now til next year…*snif*

[Downloadable 19.3 MB mp3 – 14:06 mins]
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  1. That might be the single greatest image to ever grace the site. Very nice.

  2. Awwww boooo on the vaca.

    Oh my word. Why did wordpress just tell me to slow down because I was posting comments to quickly!!! You can’t slow hype about The Hype!

  3. hahha, you crazy girl!

    (and have I no idea about wordpress.. they be like them establishments and all up in thurr.. holding us DOWN..n’aah mean? —> I’m sure that made sense somewhere in the world 🙂

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