Nash Plays For Both Teams

According to an article (which, btw, has a kickass snarky title) by Steve Buffery of TorontoSun dot com, Steve Nash likes the way the Dinos play:

“I think it’s exciting that Toronto has a young and exciting team and, as a Canadian, I’m rooting for them,” Nash said. “I want them to do well, and I think it’s great that Bryan’s been able to create a new culture with the team and I think they’re on the right track.”

Hmm, interesting that he said that… even more interesting given the fact that I found out about a little exchange going down…town…nashsecrets.jpg

Just so you know Sam Mitchell is in fact the master of “answering dumb questions with an even dumber response in a totally unironic way”:

He also chided a couple of hacks who floated the theory that Steve Nash’s winning two MVP awards is a surprise given his Canadian background and lack of size.

“Nobody was surprised when Magic (Johnson) won or (Michael) Jordan won, so why is it a surprise that it’s Steve Nash?” Mitchell said. “That’s your shortcomings.”

Ah, I’ll miss Sammy’s verbal-fu when he’s gone after the All-Star break…


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