Yao On Jimmel Kimmel Friday, Possibly Chugging

You gotta read the CHRONIC!cle article about Yao and McGrady’s late night television appearance taped Monday, tons of great quotes, my fav:

McGrady is told of the Yao video making the rounds on the Internet in which he makes a tough jumper, then is seen shouting, “You can’t (expletive) stop me!”

“No!” McGrady shouts, falling back in his seat. “He didn’t say that! You said that, big fella? What did you say? What did you say? What did you say? Say it now.”

With Yao laughing too hard to answer, McGrady realizes why Yao won’t tell him.

“Wait a minute,” McGrady says. “You said it in English? The same game you beat your chest? Oh, that’s great.”

In case, here’s the vid. I must ponder over the social ramifications of this, assuming YouTube isn’t blocked in China. Yao’s the shit over there, so Chinese ballers that watched it will now have a new found appreciation for el “swagger”. This is good, because I really want their smack talk lexicon to go from, “hello, I will score on you, sir” to “I will f^&*%king eat your babies bitch!!”

Oh btw: HELL YES!!


  1. SG

    I can’t wait to see their appearance. I wish they’d also captured McGrady singing along to the Eagles.
    Thanks, dude. First time I’ve laughed since I heard the Iverson news.

  2. aww.. if it’s any consolation, I had a dream that KG traded himself to Cleveland….

  3. I never really liked Yao before this.

    Now, he makes me smile.

  4. Did anyone else find it funny that Yao took an eternity to actually say those words, after he actually made he made his mind up to say it. Just realized that my previous sentence was extremely incoherent. ok, watch the video — you will see that he pauses a few seconds.. almost as if he’s wording the taunt before mouthing it.

    Still don’t get what I’m trying to say? Ah! screw you!

    btw, you sonsofbiotches are doing a great job here. Laughing at your intended/accidental jokes has a therapeutic effect on my mind.

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