Thursday Thumbtacks: Pussycat Dolls Must Die

Making the rounds over at the NBA FanHouse and Awful Announcing comes this masterpiece:

As been documented in the UnrelatednessClan once not long ago, we hate the PSD. The only thing that makes the PSD tolerable is that PSD also stands for “photoshop document”—something we are in love with(UPDATE: it’s come to my unfortunate attention in the comments that it’s really PCD and not PSD… it’s a holiday miracle!!!)

ANYWAY, if you thought that lil’ ditty was ‘something’, wait til you hear what was left on the cutting floor:

Bada bada ba! Bada bada bowww!

Lakers/Heat aint a matchup you looking for
Don’t confuse us with a bunch of whores
You know that Shaq caaan’t duuunk no mooooore!

[music picks up]

Don’t you over-react like ‘Sheed
Or else you blow the (20 point) lead
Fuck it, let’s just smooooke soome weeeeeed!

Uh-huuuuh… Uh-huuuuuh… Uh-huuuuuh

Um.. awkwardly segueing from that.. Hoops Addict has a wonderful podcast with Rus Bradburd, the author of “Paddy on the Hardwood”—great insights of a man wanting to get away from the stress of the structure of U.S. hoops by going to Ireland—however he falls right back in love with the game because he gets to teach it to a bunch of guys because they play for the purity of it and not the money, fame, etc.

Recommended listen and it really makes you want to go check out the book (c’mon Amazon, I’m waiting!)


  1. Oh wow, thanks for printing the lyrics. We were having trouble hearing them over the sound of our own vomitting.

  2. If you posted those lyrics with the actual lyrics, I might not have been able to choose the correct ones.

  3. Corrector

    PCD, not PSD!
    You stupid asshole!^^

  4. merry christmas, may every typo out there by saved by your holy soul 😀

  5. PCK

    A video clip of what ABC “should have done” instead of PussyCat Dolls:

  1. 1 Give Me The Rock » The Pussycat Dolls don’t totally suck - I sort of promise

    […] There’s some sort of brou-ha-ha brewing like beer with the NBA bloggers… It involves the Pussycat Dolls and their promo for the Heat/Lakers game on Christmas Day. Yeah, it sucks all right. But, I’ve danced to the PCD (that’s what they’re called when you say the name enough that you need to make it shorter) many a time “in da club” and that song does not represent at all what they are capable of. It sounds like an obvious Christina copycat, but it’s a pretty weak-ass one. […]

  2. 2 December 2006 EXPLOSIONS at YAYsports! NBA

    […] It seems like a bunch of people in the blogosphere got really bent about ABC’s Pussycat Dolls preshow opener. We’re not sure why – the lead one is hot enough to make up for how much the rest of them look like dudes. If it had to do with the music…well, we’re a sucker for mainstream pop music, so we really can’t say much. […]

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