Ah Ah Ah Staying Alive!

let's see reggie evans grab HIM

So there’s an interesting article from Doug Smith of the Toronto Star looking at the decrease of “ironman” players in the NBA in recent years.

From a high of 57 ironmen in the 1999-2000 season (not including the lockout-shortened 1998-99), the number dropped to 23 a year ago after only 20 managed to pull off the feat in 2003-04. For a league with 30 teams employing about 450 players, that’s about 5 per cent and is in stark contrast to other major professional sports leagues.

Smith doesn’t really come to a definitive conclusion as to why things are different than 5 years ago. He brought up rule changes that allow for easier maneuverability and advances in treatment that theoretically is supposed to help players stay active. Yet it’s evident that players aren’t playing through the lil’ banged up injuries. But I think senior player/de-facto coach/530 year old Dino Darrick Martin sum it up best:

“Things are different,” Martin said. “Things evolve over time, not that it’s a bad thing, but guys may not play through as many injuries as we had to back in the day. It’s not good or it’s not bad, it’s just different.”

I personally don’t think it’s a horrible thing that we don’t see players play through injuries as much—in fact, that helps their career further down the line. I hate to bring it up, but since he’s in the news of coming back: Penny Hardaway. Perhaps somewhere in his early amazing start he could’ve sat out a string of games and think of the bigger picture so that he didn’t the knees wouldn’t have taken the abuses it did. Maybe the same argument can be used with Grant Hill? I’m just guessing here anyway. But I think I rather have the Dwyane Wades/Chris Boshes sit out a bit if they can be stronger later on and not have more critical/career ending injuries be built up.

That was mes deux cents. Share you holiday thoughts/dreams/world domination ideas in the comments!

Housekeeping: posting a lil’ less in the next week so that I can properly digest the huge consumption of food I’m about to binge on 🙂 Happy Holidays you craaazy Interneters!


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