Yao & T-Mac On Jimmy Kimmel (In Case You Missed It)

I taped this unprecedented, earth shattering, event the other night and thought it was quite amusing, (see the other day’s post about their adventure)

I couldn’t find a copy on YouTube so I took the liberté and uploaded it myself—which explains the godawful capture quality (sorry folks, still using archaic transferring technologies…hey you got some free MacBooks lying around, hooks me up yo!)

Anyways, enjoy thy goodie on this sad 24th of December where no NBA game is played, before the SternBot and/or ABC monkeys sends out Sentinels to eviscerate my vid.. snif.. 🙂


  1. that was great. yao’s english is already better than that of half of the league’s.

  2. Now Yao is hurt and out for 6 weeks.

  3. I know.. it’s all my fault 😦

  4. Abdi

    i like T mac and Yao

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