Happy 27th of December! What a joyous day indeed. Today we come back with our returning champ Ken Jennings to play Jeopardy: NBA Injury Watch Showdown. It’s been a wacky first couple of NBA months with many key players sitting out. Oy, the New Year isn’t going to look fun for some fans out there I tell ya. But first, let’s take a look at our categories:

Alright Ken, your turn to pick.

Oh heh, well, I really don’t know anything about basketball… but I guess I’ll take “From Contenders to Pretenders” for $100! Haha, “Pretender” you remember that show? That was a cool show man, the guy got to pretend like different people..yeah.. fun stuff..

Um..oookaay.. let’s just see the clue:

…you know what other show was cool? Alias. I love those weird Rambaldi devices and the wicked spy gadgets! Ah.. and Ms. Jennifer Garner. Man what happened to it? It got all messed up when they jumped the timeline, don’t you hate when shows do that?—

… We were looking for Nenad Krstic… NENAD KRSTIC (how did you win all those times before?)

Okok, I actually know this one. I saw a documentary on this. It was the one where there were dinosaurs and pirates! Um.. uhh.. the name’s just on the tip of my tongue.. it’s it’s oooh ooh! OK I know! It’s Beethoven. aaaaha! Nah, just kidding Alex…. WHO IS Beethoven

OMG, are you high?? It’s flippin’ YAO! Last chance:

Who is Paul Pierce.

That..that.. is actually correct! Holy shit yes! How did you pull that off?!

I hate the Celtics. It’s that simple.

Of course.


  1. Hilarious stuff, man. Time to add a “Who is Chris Paul” answer…

  2. SG

    Glad to see you didn’t spend the holidays slacking off. This great.

  3. It’s all for you, guys, what’s the holidays without Jeopardy? Nothing 😈 !! But oooh fudge.. CP3 is out?!? Quick, we have to put away all sharp objects away from Ron Hitley!!!

  4. oh man, this is why it’s worth it to go back and read your archives after being away for a few weeks…..

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