NBA Toons: MJ Is Old School


Tis very very sad indeed.. (damn, I’m totally being subliminally conditioned!!)

But here’s a couple more uplifting and interesting linkz: Ryan from had a cool interview with an ex-NBAer that covered a lot of fascinating insights to his NBA journey.

The Nugg Doctor is banging as of late seeing as the whole Denver area is seemingly shot up with enthusiasm (figuratively speaking of course—unless they’re all druggies.. in which case.. oh.) N. Doc even went as far as having a friendly bet with another “Nick” over at Defence Wins Championships for this week’s games.

I feel bad for neglecting to mention how I did when I went up against DWC’s Nick—what can I say, I’m drunk 3/4 of time. But since I’m a modest man (I’m really not) I won’t rub it in (I so won 😈)

Hey, 2006? We had some good times.. but I’m seeing someone else.. they’re newer.. younger.. numerically greater than you.. Don’t worry, you’ll find someone else I’m sure 🙂


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