2007: More 3OTs? More 60+ Points? More Hibachis?

First off, Happy New Year you internet peeps. My only wish was that this really happened… to me.

Probably the lamest day of NBA ever, the title of this Yahoo AP news is “Celtics have to deal with ‘quirk” Nah, they’re not playing against Agent Six Oh, but that they’s got to play with the new “OLD” ball today after just playing with the old “NEW” ball yesterday, ya follow?

“I just think it’s unfair that Portland practiced (Sunday) with the new ball and probably will have a shootaround (Monday) with it,” he said. “We’re playing tonight (Sunday) and traditionally teams don’t have shootarounds after back-to-backs. So we won’t see the ball until 5 p.m.

“I would think it would be a smart thing for the league to do is wait one day. I guess they don’t think it’s that smart. The ball is no big deal, but it does give Portland an advantage. They get to work with it.”

Rivers also added, “Waaaah! Waaaaah!” and “Tommy gets all the good toys!”

In other fun-tastic news, YAYsports! is back bitches, with a vengeance (against lack of posts). The Cav even added a sick embedded flash thingy (yeah, sorry for technical jargon).

Ahh, Two-double-Oh-Seven, what will it have in store for our beloved NBA?

One housekeeping note though, there might be some changes around The UnrelatednessCage, nothing huge like switching servers or alien abductions.. just a lil’ push to make things “pop” a bit more. Hope readers stick around to check it out!


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