Nash IS The System

From Chi-Sports:

“Nash is the system,” Bulls coach Scott Skiles said. “I don’t mean to shortchange anybody else or anything. But he’s the best basketball player on the face of the Earth. I don’t think it’s even close.

Emphasis totally mine, but I bet that ol’ zany Skiles probably said it like that as well. “The System” as a new nickname sounds pretty neat—and by neat, I mean totally kickass. Extra points because it also goes well with The Matrix. I’m just waiting for someone, anyone, on the Suns roster to adopt “THE SCHEMATIC” (my bet is on Jalen… that cat’s up to something…)

While “Kid Canada” had that hometown-y 1960s Marvel Comics sound to it, I think “The System” epitomizes his style to a tee (tea? T?).

(Via SLAMonlinethose wacky trendsetters—first it was the Eddy Curry Phenomenon, now this… jubilations!)


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