Thursday Thumbtacks: Blogsitting

Psst! I’m over here! Filling in for the Pradamaster over at Bullets Forever for the next couple of days. I’m not sure how this transpired either, but rest assured that I’ll be eroding the whole SportsBloggerNation from the inside mwhahaha! Spreading shit like GoldenStateOfMind got Sactown Royalty pregnant. I be causin’ all sorts of havoc and whatnot. Yeah!

So I was half watching the Utah-Sixers game, because it’s the only game I got last night. This juggernaut battle of epic proportions was so thrilling, I had to pinch myself from falling asleep. It was THAT exciting.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the precision, grinding styles of the Spurs and Pistons. In their own way, it’s because of their so-called “boring styles” (given by pedestrian fans), that I love watching the way they execute plays. It’s what defines their greatness—the personality of just being mentally tougher than you.

The Jazzies however, have no personality. They run their sets perfectly, but I can’t seem to like them. For now, they exude the dreaded label of being just “very good”.

It could’ve been the fact that they were playing the bloody Sixers and maybe because like I said that’s my only Jazzies game. But nay, if I say they are as unattractive a team as as Sam the dog, then so shall it be spoketh unto the peoples of the world (and so on and so on).


  1. The Jazz’s game against the Sixers wouldn’t be the best representation of the team. Though the team may very well be lacking personality and run their offense too well, even diehard Jazz fans were amazed at how disappointing of a game it was.

  2. I wonder if they may have played down to the competition?

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