Hey Maria! I’d Totally Be Your Ball-boy!

I think this was at least a month old… I never heard much about this.. and only saw the ad recently.. really makes you think. Huh. I’m actually very interested to know if this is for real. Not that I visited the Nike site to check it out—fact checking? who needs that?—I mainly fear the Satanic abundance of Flash media that might be unloaded if I even attempt to type in any Nike address.

Anyway, I find it awesome that Maria Sharapova and Lebron are like, totally good BFFs. At least it doesn’t feel like a “corporate synergized” affair a la Mia Hamm/Michael Jordan with Gatorade a while back (remember those ads? “whatever you can do I can do beeetter” hehe)

I wish more superstars of different genres are good friends, like say Han Solo and Jack Sparrow hanging out all the time to play XBox.

UPDATE: While we’re on the topic of LeBron, good friend Mutoni had a brilliant idea for the an NBA Toons installment. The result is culminated here for a SLAMonline EXCLUSIVE!

Thanks again Mutoni for the exposurezzz. I’ll make sure the goat we agreed on is promptly sent over!


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