Did ya say.. shirts?

Sure that last post, when read out loud, would make one say.. “waaaah???” So to make it up, I’ve devised an evil evil plan: make shirts outta ’em. I did a new lil’ remixin’ on it and hope some of you might enjoy it enough to cop one (or several…pleeease be several, my tuna sandwich fund is low dawg!)

On the above left is an “organic cotton” tee.. I wonder if that means organs were used to make it (probably not). And of course there’s a lady’s version on the right!



More KG!

Or enjoy other odd things of this nature.


  1. 1 2007’s EXPLOSIVE All-Star Game idea at YAYsports! NBA

    […] Howie the Hype is selling NBA roadsign t-shirts. […]

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