Sure, I haven’t really mentioned the patron saint of us online hoop heads—Archbishop Agent Zero, here at the HQ for a second, reason: I friggin mentioned the hell outta him over at BulletsForever just a couple days ago!

Howeva, that doesn’t excuse the fact that I’ve been slacking here, so I give you The Unrelatedness‘ good friend Dan Steinberg (who has been a saint himself for dealing with my 10 thousand emails, love ya Dan!), clueing us in on Gilbert Arenas’ jersey sale climb in the top 10 (full admission: the post links back to us…. yea.. I’m a linkwhore 😈 )

This is a week old, but I certainly find this interview with Grizz coach Tony Barone interesting, from HoopsHype (they’re awesome based on name principle alone)

In your first game against Toronto, those guys were making a serious run at you. And you guys were in the huddle during the timeout laughing and smiling. What’s that all about?

TB: You just have to be somewhat loose in pressure situations. If you’re not loose in pressure situations and you are tight, you can’t perform. So I try to keep loose in those situations and not get bogged down in nine-thousand different little details, but make it pretty simple as what we have to do. Toronto took the lead and they were looking over at me because they thought we were going to take a time out and we didn’t. We pushed the ball and (Mike Miller) hit a three. That was as good as anything I could have said during the timeout. That’s the way I look at it.

It’s interesting because they seem to have just DEMOLISHED the 5th place LA Lakers with seven players in double figures! With just E. Jones scoreless on the active roster. A big Doube-U Tee Eff? I think it’s that loose-ness they’re playing with, since they’re the worst team in the lig and really just having fun out there and really don’t give frak. They’re the type team right now that other teams hate to play against. LakerBlog breaks the game down while Beale Street Beat says Barone’s good coaching aint no fluke.

Something something about Jason Kidd‘s personal life—eh… I’ll just say this: hopefully TJ’s head will dissolve back to normal size as it doesn’t need to deal with his crazy ‘rents being together anymore. Oh and Joumana, call me! We’ll play chess or something, I’m wild too!


  1. I think Arenas is planning another Commandment.

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