TheHype’s First Ever EXCLUSIVE Photo!! (sorry, nothing nekkid!)UPDATED




Bog Man: You deserve all the fedoras of the world! This truly made my day—nay—YEAR.

Gilbert Arenas: Your smile literally re-stored the power in the abandoned warehouse that I am using to type this.

Internet: thank you as well, you sly dog.

I don’t think I can post anything of substance for quite some time (re: ehh..I’ll probably post the usual Thursday Thumbtacks tonight…post-squeeing)

For the not-so-inside joke: the journey, and then, go and cop one for yourselves! Or, go to the new store and get a couple more types of tees

UPDATE – HypeShirts Is Going Worldwide!

TWO incredible haps: We have our newest model for the shirts! (Gil, you still #1 tho!) Thanks again Reese!sacbeeshoutout.jpg

Second: SAC-BEE (bzzzzz!) writer Sam Amick inadvertently talks about the blog shirts!!
(scroll down, 5th paragraph up from bottom or click here

Thanks Sam, and I’m calling my makeup artist as I type so when you interview me I’ll be ready!arenaslink2.jpg

And since we’re linking things left and right about references, this was probably the best linkage ever, since back then everything was still new and jokery (now, it’s jokes x10!) —Gilbert’s blog for the first time talks about the shirts

And now he’s REALLY modeling it! Thanks again Gilbertology!


  1. Arenas is omnipotent.

  2. Howie, that’s fucking sweet! Congrads, and I’ll be sure to give a shout over at Bullets Forever.

  3. Indeed it is.. indeed it is.. 😀

    you know those weirdos on the bus that just smile for nothing? Yup, that was me all day!

  4. amazing!
    is this real?

  5. –mutoni: yes.. it’s real… so real my eyes are still weeping…

  6. I love the Wizards’ “Hustle Board” in the background.

    You think Brenda Haywood reads it? Can he even read?

  7. I think he just stares blankly and “goes to the special place…”

  8. CONGRATS!! Great to see a fellow blogger get some well deserved props from a NBA star.

    Keep up the great work!!

  9. Kudos, Hype!

    Gil continues to amaze.

    Also, Agent Steinz is the man.

  10. Oh. my. word.

    without. speech.

  11. Just piling on here with my congrats. More proof that Gilbert’s a man of the people, and another reason why the blogosphere can’t get enough of him. Nice job man. And Jamie’s right, Steinberg rules.

  12. dude, freakin unbelievable!

    awesome! congrats!

    I’ve not been blogging/reading for over a month, hence the late comment on this earth shattering happening.

  13. Reese

    Wore this shirt to Wiz v/s Sixers game last night and was spotted by Dan Steinburg. He took a picture and said he was defintely getting it to you. Hope u see it soon.

  14. NO WAY! Holy Highlander!!! REESE YOU’RE MY HERO!!

    edit: hell yes!!

  15. -r

    Reese, don’t forget the mothering hut was in the spot as well. I didn’t get the agent steinz spot as you, but wizznutzz was given it’s propers as well.

  16. Reese

    Randy is that you? Damn right hut was in the house! check out DC sports bog, I repped for Wizznutzz as well, see you after all star. Have fun in Vegas. And Hype, couldn’t have done it without u.

  17. -r

    absolutely! i got D to put some bank on Howard for the dunk nasty. since he’s longin the odds, he’s gettin crazy bank when dwight starts signin squares. hit me with ur e-mail at my blogspot, we’ll all hit it up when we get back in town.

    in all seriousness. wiz got repped hard in philly. steinz saw the only 2 folk anti-gil there. big up hype. reece was straight official in the ill a delph. mad propers all around.

    gil goes OFF tomorrow night. bank it.

  18. Reese

    I am out of my depression now and able to communicate with others,

  19. i have enough money to buy that shirt!!!, to hell with the exchange rate!, your the man howie

  20. Reese

    Makes my picture, so much sweeter.

  21. Oh sure. I spend countless hours on Nash, Wade and that ungrateful Cuban b@$+@46 and Gilbert just rolls over for you???

    That’s why I quit.

    Congrats man!

  22. Nicole Paschall

    My sister is fab!!! I love you so much little sis.


  1. 1 Nationally Televised “Takeover” Tonight |

    […] Congrats to “The Hype” for getting a picture of Gilbert holding up one of his shirts. […]

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