“Once he snuck into our room and stole the lightbulbs”

If you can’t get enough of Luke Walton, and hey, WHO CAN? here’s a lil’ SI.com feature where Luke tells you a couple things about himself.

There’s really no reason for me to post that… other than reading the last part about his appearance on TYATR, which prompted me to quickly find that clip and laugh, over and over again.

“Your mind’s not on the game.. it’s gotta be a woman”

No, Luke, he just plain sucks and you’re a fucking NBA player. Oh yeah, I bet that little kid at the end is a snothead.

ps: the quote in the title refers to someone with a name that rhymes with Filbert Carenas… hope it’s not too hard.. unless of course you clicked on the link (damnit!)


  1. Wow, that was all kinds of awful. I’d heard about it before, but this was my first time watching it.

  2. Oh man, still funny the seventh or eighth time.

  3. Ok, ninth time it did make me cringe a little too.

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