Thursday Thumbtacks: Collage of Truth


this is what happens when I’m deprieved of sleeping abilities….


  1. Oh my word, so excited to have the Sarunas Monkey Band coming to play over here to Cali!

    And….um…….are those half-dressed Heat dancers playing Scrabble with young ch’ren? Wow. I wish I had grown up in Miami.

  2. same here friend.. same here.. 🙂

  3. troy murphy and mike dunleavy looks the same…i almost got mistaken, same hair!!

  4. Stop studying too much dude, just let it flow and blog! That’s what college is all about.

    Unless you’re not sleeping due to partying. In that case, don’t sleep at all.

  5. heh, I will henceforth live by those sage words…

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