The Ninth Coming

Having made all the rounds in the webs (N4S, BR, DBB, SB, BYOB, RCMP….) this siiiick new Nike ad will grace yet another blog (namely, here)

Nike still got it with amazing visual coolness.

Speaking of De-Trois Mauvais Graçons, they exhaustively rounded up EVERYBODY in the latest Carnival of the NBA, and I mean everyone, including your grandma.

Says about yours truly:

Probably would have obsessed over: Darryl Dawkins. If there’s any former player who could have inspired The Hype to reach new Photoshopperific highs, it’s Chocolate Thunder.

No doubt, with a plethora of quotables, I wish I had grown up in another era…

Random: If I ever get the alimony commission check of $12.63 from my bangin’ shirts, I’d be sure to spendz it all on MoHut.

Blog(House)Keeping: So.. if things go smoothly, there is a tiniest of tiny surprise (we’re talking sub-atomic small here) around these parts.. don’t get too excited, it’s nothing huge.. just a itty bitty change… hope y’all stick around


  1. OOOOOOOOH new layout! Beauuutiful!

    p.s. when is your next radio appearance?

  2. wow, i love the new layout!!!! i love your blog

  3. thanks guys 🙂 TBO, I added you on my blogroll!

    and I will address some key things in a post later… IF I CAN POST AGAIN!!! (damnit I knew change will bring about evil monsters that’s keeping me from posting!) edit: post is up

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