And Returneth Is He

Well, a combined effort of 70pts from the big three… the new age big three of Smith, Iverson and Anthony (surely someone else thought of a t-shirt idea already?) With that alley-oop dunk from AI to Melo—which hopefully FreeDarko can expand into a 1500 essay… I think they are the team to watch.

On the subject of Mr. Anthony, I was contacted with some kind words from one Steven Ross of Ross Marketing Company (which probably makes him the boss huh?) letting me know about Carmelo’s Myspace page. Truth me told, I hardly surf myspace, because for one thing, that site quite literally scares me, but it could also be summed up by Mr. Z (first name Jay):

No i never been on myspace
Too busy letting my voice vibrate

..or something like that..

Anyway, full disclosure is just Steven wanting to let fans of Melo find his page, nothing biggie, I don’t get anything from it, other than fun filler for the rest of this post. For those like I, whom were not brave enough to venture onto myspace’s clutches, here’s what you’ll find (btw, that last part was murder to the English language) :

  • there is a “blog” like substance… Like a blog, there are words. Unlike a blog, Melo doesn’t quite write in it at all, save for the apology letter (which probably Kevin the PR-intern wrote up, no, not this one) and most of the posts are articles from publication or some myspace press release that has the words “Carmelo Anthony” in there somewhere
  • where Melo did write, was right after the infamous escalation surge last month. His mood was—a “sad face emoticon”. Ah, how I love to express my feelings of everyday actions with icons…. hey! your kid broke my window with a baseball! arrgh! *angry emoticon!*
  • obviously on the front page there’s a video interview with Katt Williams, and for a minute I’m cool because I figured out who he is right away, thank you “Friday” movies!
  • said Katt interview is pretty good actually, give it a check out if you have 5 minutes to spare—for a good 3 and a half minutes though, I was fascinated by Katt and his cup (I’m guessin it’s tea) I was trying to figure out why they kept cutting back to him just as he went to sip it, it’s like an episode of LOST!
  • Melo has a great down to earth snicker-type laugh
  • Katt: “…and yes, if you catch him at the wrong point, he might knock your ass out…” and then run away (har har har…. 🙂 )

Overall it’s cool, but I’m thinking if you’re already a myspace user you’d know about who’s who over there and needn’t be notified elsewhere.

NOTE: I thought I posted this 2 hours ago, but upon grabbing (re: hostile takeover) of my seating neighbor’s laptop I see it clearly wasn’unt. *sad face emoticon*

PS, and it’s a big “ps”: yes, just a little change around here, which is what I foreshadowed earlier.. a bit more explanato a bit later, now, class!


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