Not Quite Extreme Makeover

…I’m a tv-addict as well…. ps, to know my realest sense of humor, the above Clone High series should do it…

Anyways, so yeah, I busted open some dry-walls around here and moved around some things. It’s pretty much the same page, just.. wider-er (Note: be sure to clear the cache of your browser if this blog reverts back to its old self faster than VC lying on the floor cringing! Holding CTRL and clicking Refresh icon forces the action just like Joumana!).

So here are talking points:

Name of site: This place shall remain NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness because I just can’t get myself to change it—it’s one of those things where I want to think about switching, but at the last minute it grows on me, I know, weird.

Name of I: ahh.. the myriad of monikers/alias (good show, until 4th season!) in which I go by…

To my fellow bloggers that were kind enough to link me up with either the Site name, The Hype, TheHype, Hype, Howie the Hype (though not capital “the” huh..) and you’re now thinking… hey I see “” up there, what now??

To which I reply: Whatever you went by, stay with it… seriously it’s fine with me 🙂

Speaking of THEHYPEGUY.COM, yup, that works! The normal one: will always be here as well. I’m even trying to get it domain mapped (don’t ask what that really means, I have no clue) so the blog url will be instead of‘s community one (even though I lurve all has done for me! seriously they rock! endorsements!!) But no worries, all the old urls will still work fine—however I’m not quite sure if that goes the new posts’ urls (probably best not to think too much…)

RSS Feedz: I believe the normal one will work forever, even with the new domain, but if you fancy caution, here’s the new one which I’ve updated on the sidebar as well ( I don’t mind folks reading off rss readers, just that you might be missing out on strange activity around here like comments and such.

Anything else Mr. Filler Post to Explain Things? Um.. well, Ms. Gossip is jonesin’ for da RadioCast, which I’ve been putting off. Well, the show’s back on, but there has been a change, I’ve aggressively positioned myself in a larger role with the program—a la the gangster Larry Brown—aka just moderating the thing (it’s still amateurish)

Alright that pretty much covers it for now. Obviously there’re bugs and insects around here because I’m a faux-computer-person, so anything that’s odd shoot me an email: thehypeguy “at”


  1. i dun think the usual rss feeds are working, but maybe its just me, the connection at my country is rubbish

  2. hehe, must be you then, it’s still ok here in Canadistan, hope it gets straightened out

  3. well the day malaysia gets decent broadband connection is the day i get rich, lol

  4. Old RSS feed still works for me…

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