Random Sunday NBA Hoops Live Blogathon I

Coming to you LIVE FROM MONTREAL (at my friend’s little apartment with not nearly enough of a heating system for this type of weather) It’s the first ever (and probably only.. we’ll see..) NBA Sunday Live-Blogging fiasco Phenomenon!

This afternoon’s ABC double-header of PHX vs. Cavs and Spurs vs. Lakers will be sporadically live-blogged right here. Expect incites (™WNTZ) of epic proportions—or just constant reminiscing of NBC’s broadcast over the current, shitty ABC! I say sporadic because even the Wi-Fi around these parts caught the cold, we’re all on the fritz!

Anyways, if you’re watching along, by all means drop some knowledge in the comments. So come on back when it’s One On The Clickety (™Steve Nash via JMac) aka 1pm. This shall be fun.. or else.

Quarter Chauncey Billups (1)

— let’s start this mutha up.. and right off the bat word is that my buddy is threatening to kick me out at any given moment (let’s all pray it’s somewhere near halftime… of the second game.. because I do NOT want to go outside again..)

— Pussycat Dolls… get off my basketball viewage go to back to singing bad songs

— Mike Tirico and the great Hubie Brown.. hmm, Mr. Breen is busy?

— Boris “Boom Boom” Diaw hahaha, and STAT just gave ZZZzzz his 532th posterized

— so far there’ve been 3 dunks for the two teams combined… I think the word “trend” can be used here somehow… if only I knew English..

— Diaw’s rockin’ that “streak” mustachio. Yo Boom Boom, it’s only making your “Frenchness” stick out!!

— Zzzz just got #533 by guess who…

— back from capitalism intermission (also known as commercials).. and we find out that Damon Jones is mic-ed… I’m going to guess this turns out underwhelming

— omg, an ad for some new Jim Carrey movie called “The Number 23” and it looks spooky evil and shit. My only conclusion is: MICHAEL JORDAN IS JIM CARREY!

— Marcus Banks sighting! The legend is true! oh and CLE up 23-19 after a Barrrrrbosa FT

— end of 1st Quart, Banks couldn’t beat the clock a breakaway layup. Lebron leading the way with 9pts and $3243 million dollars made with me just typing this

Quarter DeShawn Stevenson (2)

— Daniel Gibson is the sacrificial lamb this afternoon against the Suns. Basically D’Antoni’s telling his boys: “molest the boy like there’s no tomrrow!”

— Ms. Gossip, this is getting scary… we need to see group therapy.. or something.. 🙂

— Rah Rah just got a 3pt and the foul, “do I know this kid?”, I don’t, and he missed the gimme

— Steve Nash’s jumper is sooo sooo beautiful. Like, I want to make love to his jumper. (a little weird?)

— just like that, from being down 5 to up 41-34, The Suns: We Rollin’

— Though the Suns are leading, the pace is totally in favor of the Cavs. This one’s going down to the Wire

— OH. DEAR. LORD. YouTube/UnCut/SportsCenter.. queued up (oh, I should say BronBron just went up to the nosebleeds and threw on down (so so pretty) Dude’s feeling it with a 3 after that to boot

— man Nash looks like he just got outta bed.. another missed last minute opportunity.. and we’re at the 1/2 Suns up at 58-56. Your halftime thoughts for this game: sushi or pizza?

— ugh, more cross synergism-whatever-promotion with Fav 5 thingys with Shawn Marion. Well, my fav 5 generic, almost stale sports sayings:
1. We took care of business (how about, “we straightened our laundry)
2. We give the other team credit (I dunno how to tweak this one…)
3. We need to keep doing our thing (“we just need to keep stylin'”)
4. … okay I ran out of stream, your love/hate sayings?

Quarter Drazen Petrovic (3)

— Hubie: “he and Ilgaukis(sp??) are Valentine, 0-0” bwahaha! I heart Hubie.

— Btw, top o’ the mornin’ to ya B!

— Wow, ZZzzz just did something incredible: Snow lobbed it to him in the post but Z touched-passed it right back knowing that Snowman is wide open, nailed it!

— speaking of Snow, I can’t believe he’s still a starting pg, not because he sucks (well that too) but I want my starting PGs to have eyebrows damnit!

— “used” to… heh
Ah, and AIM hates me so.. that’s a negative (I wonder what other people reading this thinks I’m talking about…)

— edit the above: AIM ain’t got nothing on me. KING KONG AINT GOT NOTHING ON ME!!! (calming down.. calming down..)

— 90-84 with 35 seconds as Barbosa gets the and1. I fully expect them to score 13500877 points this game

Quarter Joe Dumars (4)

— LOST is back! I don’t care if there’s people that hate on it, I’m a huge geek for these things

— Gibson straight up clowned Marion.. too bad he missed

— Damon Jones is down, now THAT, I want to hear the mic feed

— oh boy, the Cav’s are getting cut up. Lastest victim: Danny Gibson.

— Ludcris made a costly turnover on a crosscourt pass just as they made a stop. Bad Luda, bad.

— Here’s your incite: Cav’s can’t knock down their shots, while Suns keep raining 3s.

— The ad’s running again, still cool. Makes me think though: LeBron’s doing double duty with his LeBrons vehicle and now this—I want to see a 3 on 3 of Nash/Marion/Amare vs. Biz LeBron/Kid LeBron/and Balla LeBron just for kicks. I know Nike can digitize the whole deal. That is, unless the LeBrons are busy

— on cue, Bron picks up an incomplete and goes to dunk to cut it to 89-99 (that probably is a horrible football term usage, I am sincerely sorry)

— love how Nash toys with bigger people guarding him. Like a magician yo

— Cavs can’t trade buckets with 3 minutes left, they need stops… just as I type that, Marion just abuses Gibson (fouled out) and get the plus1, 109-97 Suns

— STAT did something smart on a funny play: Nash lobbed it too high, and Stoudamire waited til it hit the board to get the rebound instead of meeting it high

— 20 and one against the East?! Suns aren’t fooling around son… and Amare jams in what seems like his 4th or 5th thunderous dunk in traffic this afternoon

— ladies and gents, your 17 in a row Suns, just wow. 115-100. ZERO turnovers for Nash, oh he had 23 and 15 as well, like whatever, show off.

alright, as prophecied, my friend is kicking me out. I’m gonna run as fast as I can back to my place to do the 2nd game. Yeah, I’m a bball nut (just for today 🙂 ) Follow along here


  1. Further evidence that you are a boy version of me. My main comments from the first quarter were:

    -The Pussycat Dolls just made me mini-throw-up in my mouth!
    -Boris’ nickname is Boom-Boom!
    -Boom-Boom’s mustache looks hot!
    -Why is Banks getting minutes!

  2. They need to give us some more of mic-ed up Damon Jones. That’s going to be the only entertainment in this game after the Suns start running away with it.

  3. No lunch for me yet, thanks. I actually just woke up, time to go brush my teeth. (Hey, it’s West Coast time over here!)

  4. 5. “We just gotta come back in the second half strong.” –> “Lisa Salters needs to stop asking janky interview questions.”

  5. Don’t hate on my boy Snow, I love Eric. He used to be great in Philly.

  6. Daaaaamn, what’s crazier is that they had another 15 game streak just a month ago!! W-T-F, if they don’t make the Finals, I’m stealing a car!

  7. juz to make the Wizs look good, they are the only team from the East to beat the Suns

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