Cuban + Rodman = Me :-D!

Oh man. Reason #453 Why Mark Cuban Is A Good Source of Vitamin Hilarity. He’s teamed up with Dennis Rodman to produce a crruuzzy show. From BLOGMAVERICK!:

Dennis takes every day people who decide they want to take a walk on the wild side. He turns secretaries into strippers, a biologist into a transvestite (emphasis totally mine and bwhahaha!!! -TheHype ed.) […]

By the by, that picture is, duh, photoshopped. You can tell because Mark’s right boobie (nickname Theodore, isn’t regulation size)

And here’s a 6 minute-ish clip of this (highly recommended)

Believe it or not. I actually LIKE it. I think there’re some psychological lessons to be learned here about getting folks to loosen up a bit. I’m glad that finally, someone has the balls to do Pimp ME!

It’s too bad I don’t I have HDnet. And check out two commenters that had a run in with Dennis (which actually, I don’t think is a surprise anymore, cuz I mean, dude’s been everywhere right?)


  1. P.I.M.P 😉
    I write in Polish coz most of my friends don’t know eng. as well as they should.
    At last post I write only : “I don’t have power do do anything and I wanna only lie on bed all the time (there’s pic of me at bed). And that someday I made snowmen (pic)” 😉


  2. …I think I need to start taking Polish lessons 😀

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