He’ll Rock Your Skull


For some unfathomable reason, Mehmet Okur shall be The Unrelatedess Official Player of the 06-07 Season. The man hits game clinching 3s like he’s at a piñata festival. Don’t believe me? Take Skeets word for it on today’s Fix: “I’m telling ya, he’s the most underrated clutch player in the game” As well, he looks goofy enough for this type of deal.

Speaking of the Jones, their 100th ep is coming up and wow that’s freakin sick. The Big 1-Hundy. Congrats dudes.

Oh and Yahoo!Sports!NBA! has a redesign. It looks like NBA.com circa 2002. Oh my sweet sweet innocent YahooSports…


  1. what kind of music would the sloans play? i imagine he’d be kinda folksy.

  2. Dang it, I thought they were a Zeppelin cover band!

  3. 70’s Arena Rock. Boston or the like.

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