LeBron Introduced Wade’s Face To Uncle Forearms

No, I haven’t seen that show before. Yes, I’m far too young to know its significance. But that phrase has somehow been burned into my subconcious.

ANYwho. Should LeBron be suspended after seeing that (or what you can make out of that blurry crap I call editing…) I don’t think it merits a suspension and neither did Kobe on Sunday for that matter. But since this is David Stern’s show and we’re all just watching—right is wrong, up is down and Shaq can run again.

That is to say I think (at press time) the lig will make the suspension because BronBron’s clothesline connected at the head and nowhere near the ball. That’s not to say his intention wasn’t for the ball, which is what I’m actually saying (he just timed it horribly wrong), but since KB recently served his due, I’m pretty sure James has to be ruled the same way.

I think it’s stupid that the NBA is setting arbitrary precedents for “flow of the game”-type contact and making a suspension out of it and I really don’t like the direction this is going. It’s one thing to clean up dirty play, it’s another to pre-emtively strike the players and covering it by saying it’s “for the people” and “democracy” and that “Saddam had WMDs”….oh wait, I’m TOTALLY off now.. anyway, where was I?

Um… go Colts! (I assume they are one half of the teams playing the pigskin pastime?)


  1. Mr. Hype, we have a job waiting for you in the film editing department.

  2. Dave, Santa Barbara

    League office is out of control–they indeed set a precedent and I knew they’d created a bad situation for themselves when they suspended Kobe. I just didn’t know it would come back to haunt them this fast. Just like when implementing a new ball unilaterally they have little regard for the sentiments of the players.

    The same goes with snubbing Carmelo. I suspect that if Anthony gets on the All-Star team the players (from both conferences) are going ensure that he is MVP to let their feelings be declared.

  3. -Dave: you got it man. The one “good” thing that comes from this is the Players Assc. now have more weapons to fire back in negotiation

    And good call on the ASG-mvp, that’d be interesting to see (though I doubt Melo has gained that level of respect among peers for them to actively help out)

  4. Dave, Santa Barbara


    I agree that Carmelo doesn’t have the level of respect, but it would be more about being fed up with the dictatorship.

  5. i just saw it yesterday, so is bronnie getting suspended??

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