The Rhombus Triangle Offense Explained

This looks to be up a while ago, so I dunno if you’ve already seen it (probably have, looking at the vid’s stats) but since I’m killing time (re: not paying attention in class) I thought I’d post it here as well (5 mins-ish):

Couple things:

  • It’s so complicated my puny brain just got fried from attempting to believe I now grasp what it takes to break down the Tri-O
  • Tex Winters is awesome.
  • I wonder who the hell that “Annie” is? ooh, my bad..
  • John Salley doesn’t really add much, very disappointed

The rest of it: Parts 2, 3, 4, 5 And Phil Jax is surprisingly (at least to me) lively and active when he does some of the demostrations. I always thought that hip of his has already made him into a fossil—who knew? Oh yeah, of course there’s a requisite shot of Jeanie Buss in part 5.


(Slap On The Butt: The Big Lead via Deadspin)


  1. That was a bit of a letdown after after Luke’s chilling performance.

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