Thursday Thumbtacks: Soo.. Anything Happen Lately?


Ah, I haven’t busted out TT in a second, so for those that dunno what this is: It’s mainly just a link-dump. That’s it. Yawnerz.. And hey, it could be anything, doesn’t even have to do with NBA (which… well, is pretty much on par with every other post around here…)

So here she blows (think of the ‘bullet’ as a thumbtack, yeah, imagination!):

  • So, John Amaechi… hmm… what to say about this… *thinking*thinking*.. I know! What up with his name being spelled “ae”? That’s plain weird. Alright alright, seriously though: When I first saw the rumblings at Sports On My Mind’s post at the beginning of the week, I really didn’t think much of it. That’s probably the best way I can vocalize my thought on this as a hoops fan—I really didn’t feel it merited much thought actually, maybe it’s just the liberal world I grew up in. So I still haven’t felt the true “importance” of this, that is, if it isn’t media-manufactured importance.. Anyways SLAM’s own Ryan Jones (used to be EIC of the joint) wrote a great personal anecdote of Amaechi when they were both young and probably had more hair, probably
  • Just wanted to spread the GOOD word that The Basketball Jones is emulating Wilt Chamberlain this coming Monday in banging mad hot chicks hitting the century mark on their P-Casts, uber coolz!
  • Thanks to FanCasa for the tip: we can now play Big Brother mwhahaha! and see every player’s shot being charted on—I’m sure one can waste hours by just playing with this, which is why I hauled ass after 2mins (that, and I get distracted by shiny obje—hey! what’s that!)

  1. Thanks for the mention & keep up the good work.


  2. SG

    The fact that Timberlake did “Dick In A Box” live makes the Mbenga news a bit easier to take.

  3. We’re all hanging in there… btw, on multiple viewings of the JT ish, I couldn’t stop laughing that the whole band had a Box on!

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