Wow, Does Mark Cuban Hold A Grudge Or What

I’m inclined to say “yes”, yes he does he does hold a grudge. A huuuge one; one that probably close friends would be ticked enough to remind Mark from time to time, “dude, Let.It.Go. already. GOD! Every, Single, Time. It’s either “Wade” or “Google/YouTube” Christ!”

This is of course in regards to Mr. (not Ice) Cube’s latest BLOG!Maverick! entry that refers to a passing remark by D-Wade that may or may not be out of context from the Miami Herald:

”At the end of the day,” Wade said, “you’re remembered for what you did at the end. . . I think that’s the reason — Dirk says they gave us the championship last year, but he’s the reason they lost the championship, because he wasn’t the leader that he’s supposed to be in the closing moments. That’s because of great defense by us, but also he wasn’t assertive enough as a leader’s supposed to be.”

That really doesn’t say much man, especially given the context of the blurb in the original article (which, isn’t much to begin with). I take it someone posed a question in the form of: “So Dwyane, what do you think when some people say that the Heat didn’t win the Finals, but that Dirk and the Mavs gave it up?” [obviously that’s just me speculating..] And perhaps that’s where some misinterpretation set it.

So I really had to just laugh a bit when Marky went off like he did:

Dwayne I don’t blame you for not looking at tapes of the finals. You obviously didn’t. You would have seen your unbelievable skills and some other unbelievable elements that if I could discuss honestly here I would get fined for.

You are right, endings are remembered. And the ending of 3 of the games of the Finals will be remembered alongside Game 6 of the King vs Lakers Conf Finals a few years ago.

I guess you have earned the right to criticize Dirk with an obvious display of your own leadership skills.

I’m just glad he had the sense in holding back several OMGZ, u PHukin n33bs!!one1one

I appreciate Cuban, well, because he can be a down right genius most of the time. But dude, really, Let.It.Go. your team is doing amazing while their team isn’t—you see that road? Yeah, that one, it’s higher, take it please.

In Other News:

Hurrah! Carmelo Anthony got un-snubbed, and so did Josh Howard! T’is a mix of emotions for me.. as I somehow still would like the other Memo to join the club…

Happy Weekend errrvrybody!

  1. mark cuban spends more time yelling behind his bench than he reads the newspapers

  2. That, and he likes to sport tees that sadly, isn’t meant for his…”style”

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