Checking In: Andre Iguodala

*this is probably fake… it’s what I imagine ‘Dre is up to these days..

For some reason a thought came in today out of nowhere (I know, weird): “hey, why the hell isn’t Andre Iguodala becoming a premier player already??” I’m not sure why I think he should be a premier player, but something inside (probably the kidney) is saying to me that this third year kid should and can have a Shawn Marion-esque career. But I really haven’t heard anything about Andre in a while—well, the major factor is that Philly isn’t exactly a bastion for media enthusiasm nowadays, with the losing and whatnot.

I just hope he can develop into an All-Star someday, I just want to root for him. And the comparison with Marion isn’t that bad right? Their numbers sorta match up, and they’re both very athletic beyond measure. So if Iggy can lessen his guard aspect and just focus on being a frontman receiver and get more boards I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say he can do some Matrix-y damage…

Oh that is.. until the Sixers recognize how to play to this strength and not simply go straight to AnythingGoesVille. But that is going to be… never, at least not this season *sigh*

Have fun with the Mentos! (oh btw I just remembered he’s on my fantasy team hah! shows how much I pay attention to my league…)

  1. Don’t know much about Iggy. Does he shoot jumpers like chest passes the way Marion does?

  2. …mmm.. Iggy’s mouth is as wide as Marion’s brow-ridge… that’s… something…

  3. Iggy’s problem is that he’s not a great shooter. Very athletic and can finish, a really good break player who hasn’t developed a back-to-the-basket game. I’d say he’s a solid jump shot and a couple post-moves away from being an all-star.

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