Don’t You DARE Say “Dump” In Front Of Stephen Jackson

jacksondumpling.pngHot off the AP comes the newest in Stephen Jackson’s Epic – Why Carrying A Gun Is Pretty Much The Funnest Thing To Do In Indiana.

In that report Jackson says that he fired off shots to calm people down. Hell ya, if I’m in a room full of crying babies, the first thing I’d think of is to shoot 3 warning shots in the air to let those fools know who’s the boss – na’mean?

Anyways, here’s why he went a-bang-bang:

Jackson, who now plays for the Golden State Warriors, testified that when he was walking from the club to his car, a man approached him shouting, “Go ahead and dump, dump!”

“Where I’m from, ‘dump’ means pull out your gun and shoot,” he said.

He fired a couple of shots in the air to break up the brawl that ensued, he said.

“It was like an all-out brawl,” he said. “I started seeing more and more faces I didn’t know.”

“Faces you didn’t know?” Oh, now you’re adding “short-term amnesia” to the defense huh?? Technicalities my ass. And really, are you implying that some guy dared you to pull out your gun and you went ahead and did so because you need to keep it real?

But wait, there’s more. The person that ran a car into Jackson declined to show up in court and instead had a lawyer speak on his behalf:

“Mr. Willford [dude that drove into Jax –TheHype], in fear of his life, in fear of his cousin’s life, does what the average reasonable person would have done,” Mendez [lawyer for said dude –TheHype] said.

I dunno about that man. According to your story, if someone shot a few rounds into the air in front of me while I was still in the car, I’d hightail the fuck outta here—not committing premature manslaughter. But that’s just silly ol’ me, thinking that CAR > Person.. the again.. it’s Stephen Jackson.. he’s pretty much indestructable (*not scientifically proven…yet)

The funniest thing though (bet you didn’t think something would top that) is: the AP writer is yet another T-Murph!

Random Tidbit…

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  1. Jackson likes to please his fans. I have heard on several occasions that he will sign an autograph or dump at a moments notice for a fan if asked. He has also made himself available to the “make a wish foundation” to dump as a kids last wish. Jackson is a stand up guy that honors his word to dump if asked. Come on, alot of people say they’ll dump and never come through; it’s happened to us all. Jackson is a man of his word and a good citizen.

  2. Okay, just when I thought Reese made me smile the biggest smile eva today… Mark… touche good sir, touche

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