Superfluous Prediction And YouTube Tuesday

Quickie: The East All-Stars WILL WIN THE ALL STAR GAME!

I’m only basing this on the fact that there are a slew of players on the West that’s basically faking rehabing injuries:

  • Steve Nash
  • Iverson
  • possibly Melo
  • Yao (well, that’s legit)
  • Boozer
  • DJ MBenga

So there, I win.

Next Topic:

So that Sun Ming Ming kid… he’s kinda tall right? BOG has it covered since he arrived at DC and Steinz even has a short clip of him in action here

But check it, he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple months ago! And his English is pretty good I’d say, dunno why he needed a translator, lookie see:

Man, I wished that Wanda Sykes added even more spice to the interview. Oh and hell ya that translator is hot, I don’t care if it’s just cause I’m azn. And Jimmy is horrible at ball.

Next video, because if you’re a regular of this blog you know I loves me my toons, so this is totally me:


  1. DJ’s not playing? fuck this.

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