It’s A Jazzabration

This is going to be like the 4th straight post I’ve at least mentioned Memo Okur, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In lieu of yesterday’s announcement of his All-Star joinage, and after thinking long and hard about this: I’m starting an MVP campaign for Okur… surely Boozer deserves more consideration, but eff-that, I’m not going by that logic. Check it—

And if you want to join this campaign of epic proportions, please show it off to the world by wearing it all over your bodies over at the new Hype Store: Gears of Clothing

Here are a few examples, but there are a ton of other colors to select from. Be sure to check back from time to time up on the new tab next to the Toons called “!Shirts!” to see new ish!

I’m also happy to spotlight a new shirt that a certain someone has been bugging kindly helping me out with a special request (kinda Need4Sheed-esque, but I totally didn’t intend for that to happen, love Natalie’s stuff though!):

Also, not very NBA related, but because this is pretty much me most of the time:

There are also two designs transferred from the old CafePress store that some of you may remember as well. Don’t worry, that ol’ CafePress baby of a store will be up forever, if anything, to commemorate one of the bigger events of this blog (yes yes, you’ve all seen it a lot by now… sorry! I’m working on making a shirt and getting it to Chaka Khan soon!)

So yeah, go check out the some of the new stock over at The GoC!

  1. That Boom-Boom Diaw shirt is offensive on several levels!

  2. And it’s made in the USA! THANK YOU MR. HYPE GUY!!!!!!

  3. What, you got something against clothes made in Djibouti??

    –Bri: yeah, I know, hopefully the nation of France and Tony Parker’s rap album has it in them to forgive me….

  4. You got some great stuff… interested to know how you did your store widget on your sidebar. It looks cool! I want one!

  5. –Rhys: thanks dude! And you’re talking about the store banner? That’s just a Text Widget that I added a .gif into that fits the size of the sidebar. Hope that helps, if not ask away again heh!


  1. 1 - Insights on the happenings of the NBA’s Utah Jazz » Memo for MVP?

    […] Hype Guy”, from NBA Basketball and other Unrelatedness (what a name!) has created some “Memo 4 MVP” t-shirts, now available on his website. “In lieu of yesterday’s announcement of his All-Star joinage, […]

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