Thursday Thumbtacks: “Something” Is Happening This Weekend…

…if only I remember what it is…hmm…eh, it’s probably nothing. I’ll just go ahead and spend the entire weekend doing my long awaited 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle without worry that there’s something going on. Yup.

Onto the Thumbtacks Batman!:

  • Didn’t want to start with some uglyness, but it’s pretty
    much the craziest fucking thing I’ve heard this morning/last night: Tim Hardaway Doesn’t Care About Gay People. MJD over at FanHaus has a nice couple of followups as well. tinyEdit: NBX always brings the h-a-h-A-game with a lil’ remix (but there’s no Lauren…snif.. that’s like something without something else) tinyEDITx2 here’s the video-style (thanks Justin!):

[livevideo id=D78C5028215C42F6BCADEA12BBCF4836]

  • Couldn’t you just imagine Timmy in the movie Borat with the way he outwardly said those things?sigh.. Here’re things that helps restore my faith in humanity:
  • is a fine site that’s looking for more people
    to participate in discussions of.. well, drills. So go on over and start spilling your secret suicide drills! And how do I know it’s a good site? Because it’s muuuch better than, those guys were fucking morons
  • blog world fav S-to-the-E-C-K-to-the-BACH gives us the downlo on the what what, the 411, the speeddial, the–okay I’ll stop–on: Valentine’s Day (well, yesterday..)
  • Jason Gurney wants YOU to enlist!…. in a beta thingy, (yo, I promise it’s friggin’ awesome, so ‘hop’ on it! [side note: yes, that’s a dig J, heh, my lawyers say I can win BIG!)]

And for all those Vegas bound peeps, THIS is what you’re missing, here in The MT-L:

from spcbrass because my camera sucks

Yeah, that’s right, snow, lots of it! Eat that.


  1. Damn, Tim Hardaway doesn’t mince words, does he:

    “I hate gay people, I let it be known. I don’t like gay people. I don’t like to be around gay people. I’m homophobic. I don’t like it. There shouldn’t be a world for that or [a place] in the United States for it. I don’t like it.”

  2. I see what you’re doing, Howie–pumping it up so that it’ll be worth more when you sue.

  3. WuahahaMWUAHAA! (ah.)

    Timmy Hardaway guest starred on Grey’s Anatomy and now he and Isiah Washington are totally BFFs! I have no idea why!!

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