NBA Toons: Hype’s Dunk Off

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Okay, so I might’ve been a “little” off on my predictions last night. Uh..yeah, those were..’joke’ predictions..yeaah (good save!). Watching the celebrity game though, I fear that Tony Potts… of Access effin Hollywood is a better baller than me… that.. makes.. me.. so, so sad. Especially when he seems to be in slightly better shape than LT and Reggie Bush (and ooh man, that was a scary, in a totally “goddamn we saw this coming” type of way—thus, a little funny)

Predictions4Tonite! – Gerald Green Dunk-fu Master; JET sinks 7 in a row to win 3pt thingy; Mad Skilz goes to Wade because he’s fast, but dunno about them chest passes; and finally I’m going with team Houston.

Two things:

Getty Images Caption Folks are drunk and high

and here’s the second, and majorly more important:

I uh.. I.. um.. what.. was I…..I suddenly don’t remember my name..


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