Like the title says, I’m doing a bit of recyclin’. This was done a while back, but I didn’t know it was a Nostradamus sort of connection between a game this afternoon and tonight’s Hollywood Self-Fatulation Academy Awards

click to enlarger

To quench your undying lust for T-Wolf and Wizardry updates, go here and here. Oh and if Marty Scorsese doesn’t win… let’s just say… Taxi Driver wasn’t just a movie…

oh ps: watching the Bulls-Piston game and saw a very funny D-Wade Gatorade ad. Sigh, too bad.. you know.. he’s pretty much done for the year.. but it was mad funny tho “do it again! do it again!”


  1. Yeah I love that D. Wade commercial. Almost Spike Lee.

  2. SG

    Really? I find the commercial irritating, though that could be because Wade was on my fantasy team.

  3. Alan

    I love that commercial!! very funny, did it jinx him?

  4. JaketheSnake

    I think that Gatorade commercial has jinxed everyone, if Paul Davis suffers a season ending groin injury, we’ll know.

  1. 1 News: Where I Be, Gatorade’s Bad Karma and 1 New Shirt! « NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness

    […] no one else ever goes through that. But well, we see a common denominator of late… one that I linked to the other day (Jake helped me connect the dots)… so Gatorade? Let’s just pull those ads out of the […]

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