Thursday Thumbtacks: Man This NBA Year Is Weird (Plus Video: Why White Guys Shouldn’t Dunk)

No really, it is–I speaketh the truth. I don’t know what it is about the 06-07 season, but there just seems to be a maelstrom of incredibly weird/odd/shocking/funny in a sad way/sad news as we near the final stages of the regular season, none of which.. has to do with the game itself:

  • nouveau-ball fiasco
  • old-ball fiasco
  • MSG 30 second fisticuffs fiasco
  • Vegas fiasco
  • Fiasco fiasco (that’s so going to be the name of my imaginary metal rap band)
  • Amaechi selling books and the media-caused fiasco
  • Tim Hardaway “[word greater] than fiasco”
  • and now, Cedric Maxwell and his love for breakfast

Maxwell has since apologized here, but from the 300+ comments over at the FanHouse, I’d say Cornbread now has a hard time finding someone to make his…er… cornbread.

Anyways, back to the little point I was trying to go for before making another bad joke: what is up with this season’s off court deal? I mean, for a blogger, YES! But looking at it from a distance, I’d say it’s been hella weird. Maybe having so much media/blog scrutinizing everything, almost nothing falls into the cracks anymore? I’m not sure, just still, weird—I’m expecting any moment that a random player would come out and say they perfected time travel.

Onto the ‘Tacks:

ps: There’s a LOSTmobile now on the island?! WTF?

  • CK on GA—that sound you hear is my mind being blown
  • Money Players looks at retired sports player and their pensions. um.. Yay!
  • !SPOILERz! Heroes is pretty much a fun show with horrible dialogue, and here’s a promo with a reveal of the big boss—and it’s KENNY ROGERS!!
  • An-drea.Bar-gnan-i, here’s what’s insane about his shooting: it’s all upper body. And it’s not that he doesn’t jump, but the bottom half of his body may be off balanced and his shooting form is still good

And finally… a dunk contest gone horribly horribly wrong, but oh so funny (I’m going to hell regardless, but I laughed my arse off):

Note: good way to start a convo with a hot chick though:

“hey, sup? Um.. so uh.. wanna help me out in the dunk contest? Cool!”

[crashes into her]

“Ohhh no!.. I can’t believe I ‘fell’ into you…ha ha ha.”

Repeat steps 1 and 2 = instead love and/or restraining order + medical expenses (whichever..)


  1. That dunk was ill! He actually put a sticker on her forehead with his knee before he nearly “threw” it down. What a putz!

    I like the judge in the middle just searching for a 0 that isn’t in the pill of numbers for his score.

  2. And one, bitch! Tens across the board!

  3. SG

    You’ve got to give her credit- it looked like she barely flinched before he knocked her over.

  4. What a moron. He didn’t even try to spread his legs.

  5. What would make that guy think he could jump over her?

  6. oh man.. that was a horrible dunk..and he still got 3s from the judges…
    it didn’t even look like he tried to jump over her…

  7. anyone heard the news that that guy is declaring for the draft?

  8. I think it’s hella weird that you just said “hella.”

  9. pfft! You dun’t KNOW where I’m from! Q.C. baby! we gotz ouR own lingro yo!! 😀

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    […] 3, 2007 at 11:53 pm · Filed under Sports The Hype Guy has a priceless YouTube of some Euro NBA wannabe getting his dunk on. Maybe it’s just getting […]

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