Lassst night:

“LeBron James & The Cavs Failed to Make It Past The Second Round…

…But What Doesn’t Kill You…

…That’s Right: Kills Your Next Season’s Ability To Beat An Elite Team On The Road When You Had The Chance Of Hitting Free Throws AND Send The Game To OverTime!”

Whew, that was a mouthful.

Not much really to deliberate on LeBron’s poor FT shooting in the past several weeks… other than I have a major conspiracy theory that he’s totally fucking up his form only to be “miracously” great come playoff time. Y’know, like the way he pops an 14 second intro out of nowhere to suprise us non-hip hop folks.

The way he shoots those FTs, it’s so awkward—his upper body is tighter than Tim Hardaway’s ass and his lower body isn’t in full motion when he releases the shot. Ugh. Don’t really want to cite Justin Timberlake, but since you(LBJ) cursed the blogworld’s golden one GilZero on the charity stripe… ‘what goes around, comes all the way back around’ (hey, I like the beat..)

Speaking of beats:

From TSoYA blog, there’s a pretty fucking awesome collabo of Kanye West, Rakim, Nas & KRS-One all bouncing to Premo’s jam

(I’d post the equally nice videography here, but for better or worse wordpress dun’t like too many flash embed, eh)

Heh, I guess that OnSmash site is like the flash video version of


  1. Reese

    While watching this last night my Dr. Evil laugh took over! Can’t wait to get a sound bite from Gilbert on this.

  2. yup he had plenty of chances..
    when asked how ready his team was for the playoffs he said 8 on a scale of 10..
    if you can’t win on the road……. with plenty of chances…..
    maybe it was a scale of 50.

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