So we thought the “Streetballz” sensation died quietly in a remote forest just outside of Jersey a couple years ago. We thought wrong. It’s more alive than ever over at the country that gave us Hello Kitty.

I gotta love their unique disregard to any semblance of “normal” hoop rules. It’s like Slamball but they just forgot to add in the trampolines.

“Hot Streaks end games!”

“12 point lead = knock out!”

When the giant robot blocks your shot, that’s -3 points!!


(merci beaucoup Hooped Up for diggin up this gem)


  1. Thanks For The Shout Out!

    Its so nice to see the North American influence of traveling, has reached so far. Naismith is turning over in his grave like a rotisserie chicken watching these bad (yet entertaining) “fundamentals” at work.

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