Who Are You and What Did You Do To Ernie Johnson?

File this random post under: An Insomniac’s Odd Thought at 2 in the Morning.

I didn’t catch the first of the TNT double header so I might need some help here. Who is that purple tie wearing guy that is making a geniune intro to a John Thompson/Eddy Curry interview — however — all I could think about was: WHO ARE YOU MISTER?

I’ll be up for another hour trying to figure out who this mysterious man is and why he took out both Ernie and Chuck (clue me in with the comments if you’re “in the know”). Damn you Purple Tie Wearing Man, damn you.

ANYWAYs… the Sac/SanAn game was so boring up until the last 5 minutes where players remembered they played basketball for a living and scored some points. Too bad for Kings fans MANU decided it was time for Bananas Time and went off like a muthatruka. Dang it, Spurs are maddeningly good at winning in ways you really hate. Slow down, go fast all of a sudden, or pop treys — damn schizo!

…. ooo for those (re: none) of you wondering where yesterday’s Thumtacks went, well, the Carny pretty much ate its lifeforce for this week… it’ll back, it always comes back…


  1. I missed the TNT thang tonight (daggit, schoolwork!) but I did tune in for the last three minutes of the game, hoping Sactown would pull through (Ballhype Picks coup!!). oh well.

    who is that dude?

  2. i watched that part when brad miller was called for a flagrant; and yea HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY SMITH?

  3. It was an odd telecast all around

  4. I don’t know what this guys name is either, but lets call him “Wet Blanket Man”. Dude was so boring, people tuned out to do independent learning on subjects they have no use for. I’m talking boring!

  5. I caught the pregame show…Ernie and Charles were said to have the night off…on Kenny’s birthday!

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