It’s TIME For You To Get A Watch

aha ha… *ahem*… had to get my 3rd grade jokes out of my Monday system

Apparently Kwambe Brown sucks at more than playing basketball — he doesn’t know what time is it: GAME TIME! It’s a serious disease really, the Can’t-Read-Time-Properly-itis, and it affects oh so many Laker centers with horrible hair style this time of year.

Symptoms include:

— inability to catch entry passes in the low post

— complete meltdown when dunking with two hands, even when no one is remotely near you

— kicking little puppies

What you can do about it:

— consult your local shaman

— or buy a watch, I hear they’re cheap these days

If your erection lasts for more than 72 hours:

then you need to stop watching porn, like now


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