I Waited My Whole Life For This: DONKEY BASKETBALL

(Note: please PLEASE believe me when I say I honestly accidentally stumbled onto this.. you must trust me… I’m not weird..)

Where oh where to begin. I really don’t know. And I’m not trying to sound condescending to this sport’s participants, because from looking at the number of “related” videos (and putting in a search), this new activity (to me at least) isn’t just a sensation, it’s a fucking epidemic.

Here’s what I came up with as far as rules go for DonkBball:

  • To “dribble” you must be riding the donkey when holding the ball
  • but to “retrieve” a loose ball, you need only to strangle said donkey in the direction of the ball where you can pick it up on foot
  • There appears to be a semblance of a ref
  • Said ref also doubles as a coach/cheater, just look at the way he’s screaming at the players and giving the Red Team girl multiple shot attempts! (hey is that Bennett Salvatore? ZING!)
  • Line of the Video around the 0:30 mark when a women near the camera mentions donkey sex and follows up with “I’ve been to Mexico, yes I have…”
  • runner up to LotV, near the end: “ah shit, he’s hurt… his arm got twisted..”

It’s always some punk kid that has ruin a fun family donkey time by twisting their arm. Little shithead. But you know what? I can’t say for certain that I will pass this up if somehow, someway this opportunity arises… it actually looks.. awesome.

Okay I guess I am weird.


  1. ???????…………………!!!!!!!!

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