Duke Fans Will Love This

…or raise hell in an impromptu mob a la Frankenstein to find this Peter Rosenberg cat, whichever comes first. I’m not much of a college ball follower (aka I never figured out when they were on the local channels… I’m lazy that way) but I sure know that the back and forth between DOOK Fans vs. Anti-Duke Fans make the Spartans and Athenians look like preschool kiddies.

(note: if you spoil 300, I will hunt you down)

“You even suck at rape,
I know for a fact,
My boy Mikey got the tape”

When you’re dropping lines like that, you know they’re serious about Duke-hating. A classic rap/parody/burn all around.

[Evidently, This Is Why Duke Sucks (the FanHaus and it’s almighty ways…)]

ps: sorry about the back to back YouTubing, I’ll try harder, pinky promise! Look for a little thingy post with more words tomorrow, toodles~


  1. offseason

    spoil 300? it literally had no plot. here’s a spoiler: fighting. here’s another one: it was filmed in front of a green screen. yeah, you know like in wayne’s world, when they go to different countries? that’s the crazy technology they used. a green screen. so they can make it look like it’s about to rain all the time. COME ON HYPE GUY!

  2. You saying E.T. wasn’t real??!

    (ps. I’m hunting you down offseason..)

  3. Reese

    Hype, thats the funniest thing I have seen in a minute.

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