Thursday Thumbtacks: Mavs vs. STEVE NASH and Etc.

LET’S be completely; honest here. I have not seen every single NBA game this season, for that is un-possible. I have not seen every Suns game this season, for I live in a country that hates sunlight, loves hockey and apparently wants to “diversify” their NBA coverage beyond just one team (losers!). But, what does this is all mean in regards to last night’s Mavericks vs. Ph.X Suns tilt?

It was the best game of the regular season.

Nash shoots with his mind

Don’t care about that TripOT Nets/Suns score-gasm from while back — there wasn’t any noticeable defense (due to sick offense I know..) that made you as a fan jump up whenever a stop was made. Don’t care about anything other than knowing #1 and #2 weren’t budging one bit to show everyone and themselves that they are supreme.

From this entry’s title, one may think I’m giving the win to Nash solely, one is right. Steven Nash is awesome. STAT had a lot to do with the W as well, but hitting the 3 FTs (practically a gimme for him, but still); hitting the 3 to send to OT; drawing charges; making passes to Stoudamire’s kneecaps rah rah rah. He did it.

If Jesus came back to play ball for the Lakers and he saw game tape of Nash and how he runs the Suns, I’m quite sure He of Nazareth would say, “Ooooh heeeell no! I’m not competing against that! That’s some heavy dosage will-power son!”

Mavericks on the other hand, are also a thing to be admired. The roles of each player are so well defined that their machine has very little weakness. JeT knows exactly when to hit big buckets; J-Ho knows he can get fast points by beating any defenders and Dirk… well… you just don’t count him out, ever. That vicious Dirk Dunk, “Dir-unk”, shows just how tenacious he is now more than ever. Like, wanting to rip you skull off type tenacious.

Seeing those all those elements mash up into 4 quarters and 2 extra periods was pretty nifty.

It was the best game of the regular season…. until April 1st that is…

[Note: Okay, everything above was quite the exaggeration, as I wrote all that right after the game ended. Eh, I’m impulsive that way. But darn it if it wasn’t a fun game for all to be had (except, well, the Mav fans and Mark Cuban’s goatee)]

etc. ::

Check dis: here’s the deal, so I actually try to write properly outside of this sanctuary once in a blue moon. Specifically for my university’s paper to cover, what else, basketball. Yadayadayada, they’re FIRST in the country (Canada, for you “southerners”) and are headed to our version of the Big Dance!

It’s not big or dance-y at all. It’s only 3 days… and there’s consolation games… um… and it’s in Halifax, one of the TENS of Canadian cities out there. (side note: any Halifax readers out there?! Let’s go out for beer… no seriously, I need money)

Point is: I’m leaving this (Thursday) evening to get there. I HOPE there’s internet connection where I’m staying because I’d love to post my WAAAACcckkey adventures (re: trying to break the awkward silence of my 3 stranger roomates..)

To my U.S. readers, this probably means jack, since the realer March Madness is on, but hopefully you’ll stick around to see if I survive (the line is at +10.5 — btw I don’t know what that means or how that’s relevant)

To my Canuckistanis readers: hopefully, barring any upsets, my team will get all the way, you can check it out on TSN Saturday at 7:30 for the Semis and Sunday at 3:30pm for the Title game (maybe I’ll run naked into the court!!!). That is, unless you’re not also watching March Madness… traitors!

Alright, peaces out, a lite comiz is sched-ed to pop up tomorrow afternoon, if you’re into that sort of thing… or you can see the other things I’m up to here. Or here (sparringly).

  1. Yo, let me know how covering a tournament game is for you!
    I spend a couple weekends ago traveling out to Providence to cover my college’s team in the DIII tournament for the paper, and it was a pretty sick experience.
    Seriously, I can’t wait to hear some of these stories. Do you get press passes and stuff?

  2. SG

    Dude- the green Gasol beard is awesome. Well done.

  3. Steve hitting the three was pretty nasty, but you’ve got to give mad love to Shawn Marion for setting that one up with the lightning-quick rebound/assist combo!

    Have fun at the tourney — come back soon!!!

  4. -Prada: STUDENT PAPER WRITERS UNITE! hehe, yeah I’m gonna get the press creds, hopefully I can use it for evil purposes

    -SG: it was 20% me and 400% Gasol

    -Miss G.: ooops! I know.. Matrix always get overlooked, even from me.. boo me! you’re totally right, that combo rebound/pass was like some video game ish!

  5. i write for the student paper too, too bad i’m covering about the leaking pipes in the toilet and the library’s lousy internet service

    cheers and have fun on your trip..

  6. I used to write about my university’s bball team here in Canada too! University of Western Ontario Mustangs – if they’re in the tournament, they’re winning it all, baby! That’s just the homer in me coming out. I bet they’re not even in the thing. The best thing about CIS hoops is that you can be watching it and think to yourself, “Man, I could whip some of these guys, they suck.” And you’d be right about 33% of the time.

    Have fun in halifax – next time youre in Toronto we should hang out. Peace!

  7. taha

    please show and give me several pictures from steps of shooting.
    thank you

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