Friday Thumbtacks: Kobe Likes To Score

kb2.jpgSo this NCAA thing is still on? Until how long?? Sheesh, just finish already, I wants me some NBA Playoffs.

Well, before we can get to any of that, let’s take a look at one historic body-slam which took place Thursday night. Namely Kobe Bryant destroying whatever dignity the MEM Grizz had left by making them part of a trivia question.

Back to back to back 50+ pointers. DoubleU-Tee-Eff dude.

!Haterade Warning Signs!

It’s an incredible stretch of games for sure, but even though this feat is going to become another one of those “NBA Highlights of the Season/History“, I’m honestly not too hyped up about it. Maybe I’m taking his points explosions for granted these day since he does this around this time of year (like how snow is thawing outside around here); maybe I feel this way because I believe it truly doesn’t matter when the season’s over and his team gets crapped out of the playoffs; or maybe knowing others have done these ginormous accolades, I just don’t feel the speciality of it (I know, this argument, as well as the other two are pretty retarded, but that’s why I had the HaterWarning signs!) — whatever it is, I applaud the insanity of it, but it’s one of those sitting in my chair, doing the little head-nod type of applaud.

Anyways, onto some Nano-Tacks:

–The Interwebs seem to be having a slow week, so I’ll just direct ya to something you probably already read if you’re a frequenter of this blog — Gilbert Arenas’ OPUS. Look no further than that post to see why he’s the blogworld’s BFF.


–Some odd hoops mag beef war……though I sense Dime felt dissed because Ryan Jones didn’t mention them by name (ohh nameless burn!)

Have a nice weekend you silly people you 😉 !


  1. Kobe has to score 60 points to win. If you thought Memphis’ D was bad, the Lakers was worse!

    Kinda wish sometimes people would mention how terrible the Lakers D was instead of how awesome (yet again) Bryant was. Oh well, that’s how the hype machine works I guess.

  2. kobe IS scoring and elbowing

  3. YAY!!! ♪ This is why we hate, this is why, this is why, this is why, we hate ♪

  4. j.

    I kinda feel like they’re making too big a deal out of this too. It’s an interesting stat and all, but I agree with your sentiment of it being a ‘sitting in my chair, doing the little head-nod type of applaud’ kind of thing. I feel like it’s- “Oh, huh, that’s really cool” rather than “It’s the Second Coming! Hallelujah, praise the Lord!” It’s not like we didn’t already know he’s capable of this, what’s the news? And it’s not like he’s doing it against the Pistons, or the Spurs, or what-have-you…

  5. –j. Yups, I think that’s why, even as he freakin’ got four-in-a-row 50+, I KNOW it’s Kobe, it’s what he does. I sincerely hope he gets another ring, so that he may drop this madness during primetime and maybe not in a season where they’ll have a hard time winning 2 games in the playoffs.

    (now.. if he goes for 5 in a row, I just might blow up my computer. . . .)

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