NBA Toons: The (N)o (B)ets (A)llowed League

This little bit of news confused the hell outta me. I know they (NBA) probably want everything on to be fuzzy, cuddly and above all non-illegal. But wtf? Retroactively censoring a goofy tale really makes me want to fork-stab someone, in a bad way (you’re probably asking, “there’s a good way?” ooh, yes.. yeess…)

Anyway, it’s moments like those that make and their ‘packaged’ infotainment hard to swallow sometimes.. seriously guys, live a little, show some skin.. it is spring time after all.

(Just in case you didn’t get the comic’s reference: World Series of Dice)


  1. But someone at actually wrote a whole news story about how they censored the blog — they’re giving the whole thing more attention than they needed to. So they’re kind of hilarious in a way.

  2. I know eh, I wanted to point that out as well, but my mind was busily occupied by Ashy Larry’s physique …

  3. Ashy Larry’s a Bucks fan. Who knew?

  1. 1 The Ballhype Blog » We took his name, and then…

    […] and Other Unrelatedness, you already know that Howie is a huge sports fan and prolific blogger, cartoonist, fotoshop master, and possesses a fertile imagination. Just who we’re looking for, Howie […]

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