*dut.. dut.. dut.. dut dududududududduddudud*

The Following Takes Place Between 9:34:08pm and 9:34:11pm
Washington D.C. — Verizon Center

Jack Bauer: Mr. President, I strongly oppose of this action! I’ve done some crazy torturing in my time, but this is sick!

President Arenas: Jack… it’s come to this, there is no other choice, it must be done, for the good for the country.

Chloe O’Brien: I… I can’t watch…

(Michael Ruffin enters into frame with an almost jovial expression)

ruffin.jpgMichael Ruffin: Hey hey folks! What’s the haps? Yeah, sorry about that dumb move I did. Won’t ever happen again— Umm.. why is the cast of 300 here…?

(awkward silence)

Michael Ruffin: Wwaait a tic, these half naked muscled men aren’t from 300, they’re…


Please, I’m sorry! It was an innocent mistake I swear! You can’t do this to me!

Arenas: Shhh, Mike.. shh. It’s going to be okay… just go to the happy place…

*bionk bomp bionk bomp bionk bomp*


[Uh.. sincere apologies for that disturbing one.. my mind goes to weird places–TheHype]

Previously on Previously Series:

Are You Smarter Than Chris Wilcox – guest starring Chris Wilcox
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The Office – guest starring Yao
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Jeopardy – (no NBA players were present, but Ken Jennings is high most of the time)



  1. Funny shit man, I did a post a few weeks ago in “real time” but nobody got the joke:


  2. the bodybuilder in the pic is none other than malayisa’s very own big fella, i;m not kidding you

  3. –arsenalist: Bauer is on the case as we speak…

    –d, that is fucking crazy. I’ll never do a google search for “muscle” “s&m”, “men” ever again…

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