Friday Thumbtacks: Unpossible Is 0

gil.jpgAh. Gilbert. Gilbert, Gilbert; Gilbert-Gilbert. Arenas.

Yeah, it’s a bummer. Look, I won’t front, I did jump on the bandwagon that is Agent Zero (see the beginnings of Gil mentioning herez), but hey, it was well worth the hop.

For The Unrelatedness, my humble little creative outlet, Arenas has been a key contributor of sorts (yeah, this again) because it’s sparked some wild experiments as well as confirming he’s nuts, in that good way.

(Btw 21% OFF Baseball Tees! type in code: FASTBALL for Americans and CADFASTBALL for us Loonies. Oh and new ish coming soonish!!)

Maybe it is me (probably) but having him go out this year with a — um — bang, there’s something clean about it. As in, he entertained us, all of us—and it would be surprising to find haters (if you’re one of them, go fall on some scissors pronto) since he made the season truly fun, but in the end his team couldn’t get much going. There is only so much an Illusionist can conjure up before his assistants either disappear for good or gets cut in half (literally or metaphorically…I’m haven’t decided yet).

So. Here be some thoughts heard around the blogz:

The World Has Ended [DC Sports Bog]
Living life without Gilbert Arenas [The People’s Champ — SLAMonline]
Agent Zero is off the court and under the knoife! … [WIZZNUTZZ]
This is the end [BulletsForever]
Let His End Not Be in Vain [FreeDarko]
but of course, the name himself brightens things up a bit
Hey, I’m Still Smiling [Gilbert Arenas blog]

And many them have already begun to cheer up here and here


Brother L, this is my contribution to stick it to the man lil’ biggity bitch:


Explanations of another atrocity against the blogworld, as well as major burnage here, here, here and here


  1. SG

    If Arenas’ injury and most recent blog post do nothing to quell any backlash against him, something is not right with the world. Or those people should just reread his last post.

  2. Congrats on the Ballhype gig, my man. Put in a good word for me to be Secretary of Defense!

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